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Dexter, Will: Feature Magic for Mentalists
©1975 Supreme Magic Co.
Hardcover, 151 pages
Feature Magic
              for Mentalists
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor

Comments: Will Dexter lived 1906-1985


5 Chapter 1 A Couple of Starters
7 Is There a Mind-reader in the House?
14 Technique of the Swami
16 Swami Four-thought

21 Chapter 2 Something More Than Coincidence?
23 The Word from Atlantis
31 The Ultimate Seventh Key to Baldpate
39 Dexter's Routine for Seven Keys to Baldpate

35 Chapter 3 E.S.P. Of One Kind or Another
48 Those E.S.P. Cards—Designed by a Conjurer?
51 The Psychogram Test
60 The Third Eye

67 Chapter 4 They Need to Laugh Sometimes, Don't They?
69 Dexter's Spirit Message Slates
77 Uncle Sebastian Makes His Mark
78 Electro-static Slates
81 Uncle Sigismund's Promise
84 Routine for "The Tantalising Ten"
86 Even Spookier Spooky Spots

93 Chapter 5 Mathematical Mind-Benders
95 The Magic of Magic Squares
103 Naming the Day for Any Date
113 Computer Mind

119 Chapter 6 Look! He Does Card Tricks, Too!
121 The Cut That Isn't
123 A False Shuffle Without Fuss
127 Image on the Retina

131 Chapter 7 For the Kitchen Table Mechanic
133 Pocket Trick Hold-all
133 The Forceful Notebook
138 Dice Duplicity

143 Chapter 8 Not Mentalism, But It's Beautiful!
145 The Chinese Butterflies