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Dewey, Herb & Roy Miller (editor): Psycho-Babble
©1996 Herb Dewey
Hardcover, 107 pages
Dewey Psycho Babble
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Herb Dewey: Psycho-Babble

Comments: "By the King of the Cold Readers"


i Dedication
ii Preface (Bill Tadlock)
iii Introduction

1 Developing a Psychic Character
3 Structuring the Reading
6 Oracles: Sources of Information
8 Developing Your Psychic Vocabulary
12 Ethics of Pseudo-Psychic Readings
14 Styles and Techniques
16 Time Frame for Predictions
19 Behind Their Backs
20 Gay or Suspected Gay Clients
21 Zodiac Signs
24 Repeat Readings
25 How to “Nail” Your Client's Characteristics
26 Pitfalls of the Cold Reader
28 Little Bits of Business
31 What’s in a Name?
38 Anagrams
40 Most
42 Good Luck Charms
44 Social Security
47 Types
49 What it Takes to be a Cold Reader
50 Reprints from Vibrations
56 Reprints from Magick
62 Reprint from King of the Cold Readers
66 The Tell Tale Clock
68 Zodiac Divination from the Stage
69 House Parties
70 The Triangle
72 Relationships
74 Unresolved Relationships
76 Planting Positive Seeds
78 Philosophies and Observations on Cold Reading
87 Final Words
88 Promotional Material