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Dewey, Ralph: Dewey's Gospel Clown Skits #1
©1986 by Ralph Dewey
Published by Dewey's Good News Balloons
36pp, Paper, stapled
ISBN: 1880215187
Dewey's Gospel Clown Skits #1
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Comments: This is a book of ideas and skits for "clown" presentations of the Gospel message for children. Contains five one-clown and five two-clown skits. Uses props and gags that could be adapted to magic shows as well.


3 Dedication
3 Introduction: about the book
3 Gospel Clowning: Tips on being a good clown, the goals of gospel clowning, the justification for clowning as a tool (Ecc 12:10), and the Gospel Clown code of ethics.

10 Single Clown Skits:
10 Steal No More: The clown steals and has a variety of mishaps until he learns his lesson.
12 Hop to heaven: The clown tries many ways to get to heaven (ladder, jumping) until a balloon cross reveals the only true way.
14 I'm Just Trying to Be Good: The clown tries to win his way to heaven but everything goes wrong. The pastor tells him the real way.
16 Grow: The clown tries some humorous ways to grow as a Christian (requires juggling)
17 Laundry Lesson: The salvation message using laundry product names (short)

19 Multi Clown Skits:
19 Cheap Skates: A dishonest clown cheats others but repents after a little girl prays
21 X-Ray Machine: The doctor's X-ray reveals the clown has the sin disease for which there is only ONE cure.
24 Outcast: One clown is outcast until his square is turned into a heart
26 Palm Reader: The Holy Spirit should be searched, not fortune tellers
28 Wash Away My Sins: A giant washing machine is used to wash the clown but it doesn't work