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Devil: Devil's Lecture Notes
© 1990 (circa) Devil
Paper, stapled, 44 pages
Devil's Lecture Notes
Image Courtesy e-Bay seller Movie-Movies

Comments: 22 pages are in English, followed by a repeated 22 pages but in French


6 Spinning Card Around Body
8 Pen Through Card
9 Musical Enveloppe
10 Cigarette Levitation
11 Changing Colour Card
12 Collar Beads
13 Wandering Tumbler
14 Broken Cigarette Into Silks
15 Diminishing and Changing Colour Magic Wand
16 Banknote Levitation With Wallet
17 Particular Levitation
18 Close-Up Magic Pad Cumm
19 Money As If It Was Raining
21 Two Cards to be Watched Out