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De Vega: Selected Secrets
©1930 (circa) De Vega
Softcover, folded-manuscript, 8.5x11", 27 pages
Selected Secrets
Image courtesy e-Bay seller JayAndLefty
De Vega: Selected Secrets



1 Foreword (De Vega)

2 That Broken Match: restored in handkerchief
3 Self Igniting Dove Pan
3 Knotted Changing Silks: variation of Goldin Colour Change
4 Splinters! - the Vanishing Ball: ball on end of wand vanishes behind a paper
6 The Vanishing Cigarette: lit
7 Silk and Rose: for two performers
8 The Duplex Handkerchief Casket
8 Cigarette to Flower
9 The Simplex Pigeon Production (courtesy Magic Wand): for stage
11 Cigarette and Match: cigarette changes into a match
12 Silk from Candle: for multiple silks
13 The Sketch Materialiser: object drawn on a paper hoop is magically produced
15 Four Aces And --!!: Aces and slates for stage
16 A Bubble Blowing Secret: how to toughen them
17 Wine and Water Supreme!: chemical trick
18 The Vernon Bank Note Trick: comedy torn and restored bill
20 Flash Paper Secrets
20 Dark Flash Paper
20 Brilliant Flash Paper
21 Explosive Flah Paper
21 Coloured Flash Paper
22 The Mechanical Devil's Whisper (courtesy Magic Wand): chemical trick
26 Cabinets of Wonder: spirit cabinet for the stage