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De Vega: Patterettes
©1929 A.M. Stewart, Glasgow
Softcover, folded-manuscript, 8.5x11", 13 pages
Image courtesy e-Bay seller JayAndLefty
De Vega: Patterettes

Comments: From the foreword: "Patterettes is not really a book of Patter...[it] is rather a collection of snappy little gags that may be added to your patter at your discretion."


1 Foreword
2 Concerning Patter: tips
3 Patterettes - Coin Tricks
4 A Very Laughable Interlude
5 Patterettes - Card Tricks
5 Patterette - Glasses and Liquids
7 Pistols
7 Special Music
7 Eggs
7 COD Opening Speech
7 A Sure Fire Laugh Getter
8 Handkerchiefs
8 Watches
9 For the Tambourine Trick
9 Silencers
9 Miscellaneous Gags
11 For the Ventriloquist
12 Vent Gags by Lawerance Glen
13 Final Tip