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De Vega: More Selected Secrets
©1931 De Vega
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 21 pages
More Selected
Image courtesy e-Bay seller JayAndLefty
DeVega: More Selected Secrets

Comments: Mostly stage apparatus you would need to build.


1 Foreword (De Vega)
2 Patriotic Torn Paper: torn and restored ribbons with a patriotic theme
3 Dyeing Billiard Balls: White Billiard Balls change color as they pass through a paper tube
4 The Repeater Smoke Trick: smoke from a cigarette transposes from one glass to another
5 The Tobacco Trick - Simplified: with a special wand
6 The "Lyford - Armour" Universal Servante: construction details
7 Penitro - A Matter Thro' Matter Effect: ball penetrates a plate into a glass cylinder
9 The "Graham Connell" Production Box: for platform
10 A Useful Run-Down (Magic Wand May 1919): some improvements described
12 Die and Clock Transposition: transpose between two trays held by assistants
14 Spirit Pictures: and their production
16 The Repeater Card Frame or Folder
18 Card Cutting Supreme (Chris Van Bern): magician cuts to any number called
19 Reverso (Chris Van Bern): sleight of hand reversing card effect
20 Solidified Shadows: shadows become permanent on paper
21 An Artistic Conclusion: real candlestick pulled out of a picture, with a Good Night ending