Devant, David & Nevil Maskelyne: Our Magic: The Art in Magic, the Theory of Magic, The Practice of Magic
©1911 E.P. Dutton & Company, NY
Hardcover, 487 pages
Our Magic
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Comments: Illustrated. Second edition released in 1946 by the Fleming Book Company.


1 Part I The Art in Magic by Nevil Maskelyne
1 Chapter I The Real Secrets of Magic
5 Chapter II The Three Degrees in Art
29 Chapter III Unity
43 Chapter IV Consistency
55 Chapter V Justification
65 Chapter VI Surprise and Repetition
77 Chapter VII Effects of Transition
85 Chapter VIII Climax
101 Chapter IX Presentation
111 Chapter X Rehearsal
129 Chapter XI Speed In Presentation
134 Chapter XII Patter
150 Chapter XIII Stage Manner and Personality
157 Chapter XIV Mental Attitude
162 The Importance of Artistic Principles

171 Part II The Theory of Magic by Nevil Maskelyne
171 Chapter I Terminology
181 Chapter II General Analysis
188 Chapter III Misdirection
200 Chapter IV Styles of Magic
208 Chapter V Manipulative Principles
216 Chapter VI Principles of Mental Magic
220 Chapter VII Mechanical Principles
226 Chapter VIII Optical Principles
229 Chapter IX Acoustic Principles
232 Chapter X Electrical Principles
237 Chapter XI Chemical and Molecular Principles
244 Chapter XII Magical Inventions

273 Part III The Practice of Magic by David Devant
273 Chapter I With Playing Cards: The Triangle
289 Bibliographical Index of Card Tricks
309 Chapter II With Billiard Balls: Manipulation
338 Chapter III With Figures: Simple Addition
350 Chapter IV With a Borrowed Watch: The Forgotten Guest
369 Chapter V With a Borrowed Handkerchief: A Lesson In Magic
393 Chapter VI With Bells: Homing Bells
405 Chapter VII With Flags: The National Colours
414 Chapter VIII With Liquids: The Three Vases
423 Chapter IX With a Rabbit, a Ball and Two Hats: The Silver Ball
440 Chapter X The Fish and Letters: The Educated Fish
453 Chapter XI With Dove and Rats: The Point of View
470 Chapter XII With a Canary and a Target: The Phoenix