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Devant, David: Tricks for Everyone
©1910, C. Arthur Pearson
Hardcover, 136 pages
Tricks for Everyone
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Contents (page numbers within chapters are estimates):

9 Introduction

11 Chapter I Tricks at the Writing Table
11 The Wandering Pencil
12 The Flexible Pencil
13 The Vanishing Ruler
15 The Floating Trick
17 A Trick with a Point
19 Curious Paper Patterns

22 Chapter II Tricks in the Smoking Room
22 The Broken Match
24 Balancing a Cigarette Paper and Cigar
27 The Cigarette Paper Trick
28 A Joke with a Match
29 The Penny through the Hat
31 The Mysterious Cigar Bands
33 The Magic Match Boxes

35 Chapter III Tricks at the Work Table
35 The Scissors Trick
37 A New Drying Machine
40 The Colours and the Coin
43 A Knotty Problem
46 Silk from Paper

50 Chapter IV Tricks at the Dinner Table
50 A Trick with Visiting Cards
51 A Counting Race
52 The Thirty-One Trick
53 The Wine Trick
55 A Water Problem
57 The Dancing Plates
59 A Strong Muscle

61 Chapter V More Tricks at the Dinner Table
61 The Vanishing Penny
65 The Mysterious Threepenny Bit
69 Mere Catch
72 The Ring and the Handkerchief

75 Chapter VI Tricks at the Card-Table
75 A Card-Sharper’s Dodge
77 The Two Aces
79 A Thought-Reading Trick
81 The Conjurer’s Nap
83 The Three Heaps
85 No Trick Here
87 The Magic Slap

89 Chapter VII Tricks at the Card-Table (continued)
89 A Knowing Card
91 A Good Memory
94 The Rising Cards
99 Fancy Flourishes

102 Chapter VIII Tricks in the Garden
102 Any View You Like
105 A Sympathetic Audience
107 The Waistcoat Trick
109 Making Money Go
111 The Sack Trick

114 Chapter IX Tricks in the Billiard-Room
114 The Travelling Balls
116 The Shot Rabbit
119 Making a Ball Vanish
121 A Colour-Changing Ball
122 Balancing One Ball on Another

123 Chapter X Thought-Reading Tricks
123 Concentration of Thought
125 An American Trick
127 The Power of the Eye
129 Over the Telephone
130 Cigarettes in the Case
131 A Silent Test
132 Hide and Seek
133 The Marked Penny
134 Reading Hidden Messages