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Devant, David: My Magic Life
©1931 Hutchinson & Co., Ltd., Great Britain
Hardcover, 272 pages
My Magic Life
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Comments:There have been several reprints through the years, including an edition by Supreme Magic of the U.K.


ix Introduction (J.B. Priestey)
13 Pictures of my Early Life
21 Chapter I My Introduction to Magic
33 Chapter II The Hot Pudding and The Vanishing Lady
45 Chapter III Mixing Magic with Midgets
53 Chapter IV My Attack on London
63 Chapter V I Appear with Maskelyne
70 Chapter VI The First Animated Pictures
80 Chapter VII Magical Sketches
86 Chapter VIII A Feast of Magic
98 Chapter IX Magic and the Public
105 Chapter X Secrets of Magic
116 Chapter XI More Secrets Revealed
128 Chapter XII The Indian Rope Trick
135 Chapter XIII "The Man Who Makes Money"
143 Chapter XIV Magic and Spiritualism
149 Chapter XV Magic in the Past
157 Chapter XVI Conjuring on the Continent
169 Chapter XVII Past Masters of Their Craft
183 Chapter XVIII Magic in the Nineteenth Century
193 Chapter XIX Magicians Abroad
204 Chapter XX The Magic of the East
211 Chapter XXI Magic To-Day and To-Morrow
216 Chapter XXII A Magician's Curtain

221 Appendices
221 Appendix 1: Programme of Illusions at the Egyptian Hall from 1886 to 1904
230 Appendix 2: Script of "The Artist's Dream"
234 Appendix 3: Script of "St. Valentine's Eve"
245 Appendix 4: Script of "The Enchanted Hive"
260 Appendix 5: Script of "The Pillar of Brass"
271 Appendix 6: Script of "The Mascot Moth"