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Derman, Bill: Card Tricks That Get the Money and
The Patter That Gets the Bookings
©1992 Bill Derman, Sherman Oaks, CA
Softcover, comb-bound, 92 pages
Card Tricks That Get
              the Money
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Floshubby



8 Chapter One Persistence and Determination
8 Telephone Trick
11 Tipsy
18 Cigarette On The Floor
22 Fingerprint Trick

35 Chapter Two Getting In and Staying In
35 How To Get Trade Show Exhibitors' Lists and Show Magazines
37 The Telephone Pitch
38 Subliminally Selling The Sales Message
39 The Generic Patter and Creating Custom Shows From It
40 The Audition (How To Avoid Doing A Free Show)
42 How To Do The Audition
42 Working The Booth
44 Working Hours And Fees-
47 Legal Contract Form
48 How to Work Hospitality Suites
50 Working Table
51 The Hazard of Sucker Effects

53 Chapter Three The Effects
53 Your Favorite Movie Actor
54 Four Card Trick
57 Top Card To Pocket
58 The Swizzle Stick
59 The Dice Trick
61 Only Card Missing Is Yours
61 Force Transposition
62 Red, Black Red Black
63 Fingerprint
64 Academy Award
67 Royal Rush
68 The Cull
70 Shake Out
71 Cutting To the Aces
75 Tipsy
77 Slop Shuffle Set-Up To Out Of This World
78 Out Of This World - Your Favorite Movie Actor
79 Logo Trick
80 2 Up 2 Down
81 Card Under Table
84 Card Under Mat
84 Wild Card
85 Biddle Trick
87 Non-Disappearing Top And Bottom Cards
88 Top Card Color Changes
90 Cigarette Paper Tear
91 Rowboat Trick - Heckler