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DeLawrence Geo: Some Card Effects and Magical Talks
©1919 1st edition, F. G. Thayer, Los Angeles
Paper, stapled 45 pages
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Card Effects and Magical Talks
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Comments ( This is quite an interesting booklet with very nice ideas for patter, as well as some card effects. Particularly noteworthy is a hilarious burlesque mind reading act. You have to check this one out!


5 A Few Remarks
6 Opening Patter

10 Some Card Effects and Accompanying Patter
10 Four Ace Combination
13 The Wrapped Cards Divided by a Knife
16 Transposition

20 Miscellaneous Patter
20 Kling Klang
20 Solid Through Solid
22 Straight Jacket Escape
23 The Rabbit Pan
25 The Spirit Hand
28 The Egg Bag
32 The Twentieth Century Handkerchief Trick
33 Cards from the Pocket
35 Torn and Restored Card
37 Nest of Boxes
39 Sliding Die Box
41 Burlesque Mind Reading