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DeCourcy, Ken & Duke Stern: Royal Magic Nimble Thimbles
With 25 Routines by Duke Stern & Ken DeCourcy
Illustrations by Tony Dunn.
©1998 Fun, Inc.
Paper, stapled, 19 pages 5.5"x8" booklet
Nimble Thimbles
Werry Thimbles
Comes with a set of 14
plastic nesting thimbles

Comments: The Nimble Thimbles are very similar to the Vernet Magic Thimbles set. The thimbles include are by Werry of Germany, and include 4 nesting pairs of white thimbles, and 3 colored thimble pairs (Vernet thimbles include 4 colors). Nesting thimbles allow you to perform some moves not possible with standard thimbles (like Joe Mogar's), similar to the multiplying balls effect. I personally found the thimbles a bit large for my small hands and have to be very careful in handling and tipping my hands while working. It is difficult to recommend one over the other between the Vernet and Nimble Thimble sets. Both come with good instructions and the products are very similar. The instructions with Nimble Thimbles are probably a bit more thorough and include a reprint of Duke Stern's Latest Thimble Magic as well as a section utilizing nesting thimbles by Ken DeCourcy. Personally, I still prefer the standard Mogar thimbles, though I'm certainly not an expert.


1 Introduction: a discussion of the booklet, and of the Werry Thimbles as included in this set.
2 From Latest Thimble Magic by Duke Stern, with permission from Abbott's Magic Company
3 The Thumb Palm
3 Open Palm Alignment
4 The Finger Palm
5 Moves and Vanishes of One Thimble
6 Now You See It, Now You Don't
7 Finger Exchange
7 Penetrations: Through the Handkerchief
9 Color Changes: Two Handed Color Changes
10 One Handed Color Changes
10 Red and Yellow
11 Patriotic Thimble Routine: red, white, and blue
13 Passe Passe Thimble: jumps from hand to hand
13 Werry Nesting Thimble Basic Routine: production of 1 to 4 thimbles
14 Alternative Finish: another finish
14 Climax Finish: using a holder
15 Pop Over Thimbles: from hand to hand
16 Thumbalina: She changes her hat color under a handkerchief
17 Grandmother's Thimble: color changing thimbles with full patter
18 Half-Thru: handkerchief penetration with "half-through" portion