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DeCourcy, Ken: Round the World With a Pack of Cards
©1980 (circa) Supreme Magic, Devon, England
Softcover, 16 pages
Round the World
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Comments: "What follows Is a plot for a complete act. As described, It Is for two people, the magician and his assistant, but a slight rearrangement will permit It to be worked solo. If you do not possess the necessary apparatus, in most cases it can be obtained. Alternatively, other 'card discoveries' may he substituted. Bear in mind, too, that if you do not want to perform the entire routine the individual parts are useful by themselves."


1 Introduction
2 Requirements: cards, chopstick, egg-beater, tray, large wand, card in balloon, etc.
3 The Force: the knife force
4 Presentation: intro
4 Music
6 China: Chinese figures predict first selection
6 America: thought projector egg-beater
8 France: jumbo sign wand
10 Russia: card in balloon
12 India: snake basket
16 Supplement: Supreme effects that could be substituted for each effect