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De Caston, Herbert: Peerless Prestidigitation
©1910 Hamley Brothers, Ltd, London
Hardcover, 32 pages
Image courtesy e-Bay seller AshleysAttic2011

Comments: Assisted by the Leading South African Magicians. "Being a collection of entirely new ideas and effects in the fascinating art of Modern Magic."


3 Introductory Speech
4 Contents
5 The Latest Card Force
6 The Phantom Card: selected card vanishes when packet dropped on the table, then reappears on the floor
7 The De Caston Method of Rising Cards from Hand: gimmicked deck
9 De Caston's Discovery: card location
10 A Spectacular Handkerchief Combination: for stage, with mechanical apparatus such as Dove Pan, Drawer Box, etc.
19 An Original Conception with Eggs and Flats: Flag changes to egg, egg vanishes, etc.
22 A New Handkerchief Combination (W.G. Malvern): using a glass gas chimney, four silks, and a brass feke
24 The Phantom Coin Trick (J. Hempstead): a seemingly impossible coin vanish while seated at a table
26 An Original Eggstra Special Combination (T. Hayes): paper to egg to handkerchief, etc.
31 Hamley Bros., Ltd Advertisements