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Deb, Soumya: Soumya's Brainstorms
©1998 Soumya Deb, ElectroFun (Sam Dalal)
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 26 pages
Soumya's Brainstorms
Image courtesy eBay seller
Soumya Deb: Soumya's Brainstorms

Comments: Translated from Bengali to English, with B&W illustrations. From Sam Dalal's description: "When I told Soumya we would put out his better ideas in book form, I again received twice as much material as we could possibly use. This book brings you the best and most practical of his “brain storms” spanning from novel card tricks to easy to make and perform illusions." Now available as an eBook.

Contents (from web description, numbers are not page numbers):

1 King Of Kings
2 Corrected Choice
3 The 20th Century Card Trick
4 Practical Palmhistory
5 When The Magician Becomes A Photographer
6 Magic In The Zoo
7 Good Brushing
8 Floating Match Box
9 Shadow Identity
10 Cigarette vanish in palm
11 Cigarette vanish in mechanical way
12 Cigarettetrix
13 Silk Suspension
14 Travelling Floating Silk
15 Silk From Glass
16 Colour Change Silk
17 Balloon to cane
18 Instant Mint
19 X-Ray Pencil Vision
20 Hot Wave
21 Utility Finger Gloves
22 Magnetic Disks
23 The Long Short Rope
24 Some Tips On Spring Flowers
25 Catching Flowers From the Air
26 Flowers From Tube
27 Predict A Flower
28 The Flower On Wand
29 Lift Door Production Box
30 Lady Production Box
31 Surrounded Spectator Shadow To Life
32 Nail Box Illusion