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Dean, George: Magic Everyone Else Isn't Doing
©1984 George Dean, Magic Limited/Lloyd E. Jones, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 31 pages
Magic Everyone Else
              Isn't Doing
Image courtesy e-Bay seller BajaBabalu2



1 Are You Feeling Well?: A gag with a pane of glass
1 Impromptu You Do as I Do: with two decks
2 Coins Across Under the Coat: coin dropped into right sleeve drops out of left, and is repeated
3 The Delayed Shift-Palm: reprinted from Conjuror's Monthly, May 1946
5 The Snap Color Change: reprinted from Conjuror's Monthly, July 1948
5 A Useful Force
6 The George Dean Force: reprinted from Gold Mine of Magic
8 Face Up Faces Down: magician finds selection amongst face up/down cards
9 Double Deal No. 1: Turning up two selections at the same time
10 In the Bag: sleeving with cards
11 To Take the Knot Out of a Human Hair: a stunt
12 A Different Coin Vanish: when sitting at the end of a row
12 An Anytime Explosion: using strike anywhere matches
13 The Passing of the Wind: gag with a noise maker
14 Problem: undoing a chain lock from the outside
15 Another Problem: securing door hinges
16 One More Thief Stopper: another method to secure a door
16 Pandora's Box: a silk is removed, and the box is found to be solid
17 Book Test: book prediction
19 Center Tear Divination
20 Another Prediction: card Stop trick
20 A Daring Cigarette Move: lit cigarette vanish and reappearance
21 Envelope Quickie: card prediction using an envelope elimination
22 Coin and Cards: coin is found on top of selection
22 The George Dean Lock Trick: a different approach to only one key opening the lock
23 A Double Kicker Card Trick: spectator makes selection behind back, and card is opposite color and reversed
24 Quickie Coin Change: quickie dime to penny and back
25 Coin Penetration: through handkerchief
25 Coin or Card Stealer: gimmicking an oriental container
26 Coin Holder and Routine: building the coin holder
27 Power of Thought: a glass breaks under a handkerchief
28 E.S.P. Mental Disclosure: determining which card in which envelope
29 A Different Card Production: shooting them out of the hands
30 The Burst Bottle: breaking a bottle with just a slap
31: B&W Photo: of George Dean