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Dayton, Ronald: The Magic Playground
©1998 Hades Publications
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 55 pages
The Magic
Image courtesy US Toy Magic

Comments: USToyMagic. Ronald Dayton is an extremely clever and inventive magician. Here are 20 great effects with rope, string, matchboxes, and coins. The matchbox work is extensive.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Switch Penetration
2 Switchless
3 Switchless II
4 Flash Knot
5 Bow Knot Variations
6 Schmidt Vanishing Slip Knot Variation
7 String and Matchbox (several methods)
8 C.P.V. Box
9 2 Cent Rattle Box
10 Cash Drawer Penetration
11 Strike Two
12 Magna Strip (Several methods)
13 Prediction Drawer
14 Match Mutation
15 Impossible Match
16 Mini Matches
17 Slick Stick
18 Diminishing Cards to Matches
19 Drop Cup
20 Fold n' Flip