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Dayton, Ronald: Legerdemine
©1981 Micky Hades International, Canada
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 71 pages
Ronald Dayton
Image courtesy eBay seller KochMagic
Ronald Dayton: Legerdemine

Comments: This book was later compiled into a single volume along with Conjurer's Collage, Rope Without End, Cordially Yours, Jenny-U-Wan Magic #1, Jenny-U-Wan Magic #2, and Jenny-U-Wan Magic #3, and Secret Thoughts as "Dayton's Delights".

Contents (source - book ToC):

5 Dedication
7 Introduction

9 Coin Of Zander
11 Magic Pennies
13 Lifter
16 Buffaloed
18 Cap-Off Pencil
20 Paper And Pencil Vanish
21 Can-Tonese Production
24 Mirror Inage
26 Snip-Snap Card Restoration
27 E-Raced
29 Holed Card
32 Tripple Flight
34 The Prodigious Pack
40 Dayton's Cut And Restored Cigarette
42 The Dayton's Thread Restoration
44 Needle And Thread (Method One)
47 Needle And Thread (Method Two)
50 The Knotted Ring
52 The Blink Knot
54 Knot Transpo
56 The Warlock's Curse
58 Zip
61 The Do All Zombie Gimmick
67 Effects In General
71 Conclusion