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Dayton, Ronald: Jenny U-Wan Magic Part 3 - Magic N The Grab Bag
©1984 Micky Hades Publications
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 60 pages
Jenny-U-Wan Magic 3
Image courtesy eBay seller KochMagic
Ronald Dayton: Jenny-U-Wan Magic Part 3

Comments: This book was later compiled into the hardcover "Dayton's Delights" along with several other books.

Contents (source book TOC):

9 Susan Dayton's Ace-Tranomical Plus
10 Mental Magnificence
13 Card On Hand Card Rise
15 Split Lift
16 Card-Case Thru Table
19 Slide Through Vanish
23 Book Of Names
24 Five 'N Ten
25 Packo Tobacco
28 The Dayton Shrinking Card Case
31 The Dancing Cigarette On Card
33 The Egg
35 Master Pin
38 Link-King Pin
40 Pin Money
42 The Linking Automobiles
44 Magic Smoke
46 The Torn Paper Mystery
48 Ban-Handa
49 The Phantom Cigarette
49 Loadstone Pencil
50 Color Cones
53 On U.F. Grant's Flying Carpet
57 The Wrinkled Coin