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Dayton, Ronald: Cord-ially Yours
©1973 Micky Hades International, Canada
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 43 pages
Cord-ially Yours
Image courtesy e-Bay seller IcklePickle1
Ronald Dayton: Cord-ially Yours

Comments: This book was later compiled into a single volume along with Conjurer's Collage, Legerde-mine, Secret Thoughts, Rope Without End, Jenny-U-Wan Magic #1, Jenny-U-Wan Magic #2, and Jenny-U-Wan Magic #3 as "Dayton's Delights".

Contents (source - extracted from Compilation book Dayton's Delights)

5 Dedication
7 Introduction

9 Release Impossible
9 Knotted Release Impossible
11 Twist
13 Index Penetration
15 Shadow Tie
17 Rope Maze
22 Butterfly Bow
23 Butterfly Ring
27 Single-O
27 True Or False Knot
35 Cord, Coil Four
35 The Here And There Knot
36 An Added Length
38 Further Experiments