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Dayton, Ron: Professor's Nightmare The Awakening
©2007 Ron Dayton, Leaping Lizards Magic
Paper, perfect-bound, 6x9", 40 pages
Professor's Nightmare The Awakening
Image from Murphy's Magic Supplies

Comments: 20 presentations for the Professor's Nightmare rope effect with lots of variations: Gospel, Bizarre, Comedic and Serious.


i Foreword
iii Dedication

1 Publisher's Intro
3 What Length?
5 Spiders In the Tree
7 Dark Waters
9 Three Ropes in Salem
11 Swinger
12 Minus Five
13 Frankenblooms
15 Psychic Dog Whisperer
17 Western Union
19 The Way of the Rope
21 The Measure of a Man
23 Since 1948
25 Deadly Lines
26 Sweet Dreams
28 Life's a Rope
29 Strange Metamorphosis
31 Heart Ache
32 Death and Pinocchio
34 Rag Rugs
37 Conclusion