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Dawes, Edwin A. and Arthur Setterington: The Book of Magic
©1986 WHS Distributors, London
Hardbound, 190 pages
Dawes The Book of Magic
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Comments: Re-issued as "Making Magic" in 1992. "Opening with stories of magic as practiced by the great professionals of the past and present: Houdini, Maskelyne and Devant, Las Vegas' Seigfried and Roy, David Copperfield, etc., you will go on to learn how to tackle most aspects of magicianship."

Contents: (Chapters Only - numbers are not page numbers)

1 Foreword
2 Introduction
3 Chapter 1 Magic Past
4 Chapter 2 The Great Escape
5 Chapter 3 Disappearing Acts
6 Chapter 4 Acts of Illusion
7 Chapter 5 Mindreading and Levitations
8 Chapter 6 Card Mysteries
9 Chapter 7 Magic for the Junior Magician
10 Chapter 8 Master Magician
11 Suggestions for Further Reading
12 Index