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Davis, Stanley: Tricks Presented
©1944 George Johnson, The Magic Wand Office, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 25 pages
Tricks Presented
Image courtesy e-Bay seller SickofChanging

Comments: The non-card tricks are mostly for stage or parlor.


1 The Locket of Mene Tekel: prediction in a locket
3 The Pound Note Trick: another version of above
4 Roses: stage production without screens or long draped tables
6 Soup Plate and Handkerchiefs: selected handkerchiefs are found under a plate
7 Thought Wave Cubes: magician determines which card selected using card cubes
8 The Double Lift Preciptation of Three Cards First Version: using rough & smooth principle
9 The Double Lift Preciptation of Three Cards Second Version
9 Ess-Dee New Card Precipitation: Court cards pass from one glass to another
10 Ess-Dee Card Location: Magician locates card selected from one half of the deck and inserted into the other
11 The Twenty-Seven Card Trick: Card is named, and deck is found to contain only 27 cards, all one color and the selection
12 Marking Cards: idea
12 Using Plain Back Cards for Single-Ender Effects: using marking
13 The Ninety-Nine Trick: using an arranged deck
14 False Push Out Cut: move
14 A Club Slate Effect: a card & slate trick
16 A Lightning Book Test: using a shuffled deck, any book, and little memory work
16 A Two Card Force: without prepared cards
17 Additional Effect to the Push Out Cut: a very useful move
18 Pull Out False Cut
18 Triple False Cut
18 Stacked Packs
19 Dealing a Hand of Cards and Knowing the Cards of Your Opponent
20 Cards and Handkerchiefs: two cards produced are found printed on produced handkerchiefs
21 The Boxes of Amen Ra: transportable stage illusion
23 Black and White Slotted Boxes: a production trick using trick boxes
26 Conclusion: a few trifles
26 - The Rope Trick: idea for cut and restored
26 The Razor Blade Trick: some tips
26 - The Poachers and The Rabbits: impromptu after dinner trick
27 - The Beanstalk: a paper fold