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Davison, Robert: Mysteria
A Book of Modern Magical Marvels for Magicians
©1905 Jas. T. Coop, Electric Press, England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 12 pages
Image courtesy eBay seller JayandLefty
Robert Davison: Mysteria

Comments: 12 pages plus 4 pages of advertisements. Some effects require commercial apparatus.


1 Robert Davison's Torn and Restored Paper Trick: restored from ashes
2 The Charmed Organ Pipes: a platform production effect with 7 cylinders
2 Billiard Ball, Candle, and Handkerchief Illusion: silk changes to billiard ball, and silk is found in a candle
3 Albert Thompson's Great Billiard Ball Change: White to Red to White with clever gimmick
4 To Make an Ordinary Pair of Handcuffs Into Trick 'Cuffs
4 The New and Unique Handkerchief Tube: handkerchief is vanished and found inside a sealed tube previously shown empty
6 The New Rice Bowl Illusion: brief description of the workings
7 Novel Production From Large Tambourine: idea with a folding bouquet
7 New Way of Vanishing Handkerchief: quick sleight of hand
7 A Mystifying Card Trick: selection is found at randomly named number while pack is in spectator's jacket pocket
8 The Great Goldfish Illusion: a very mechanical fishing illusion described
9 The Marvellous Bouquet and Cage Illusion: general description provided of a bouquet to bird cage
10 Medrington's New Bottle Trick: a glass vanishes and is replaced by a bottle, which is opened and liquid poured into the reproduced glass
11 The Changing Plume: color change when plume placed into rolled paper tube