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Daryl: Daryl's Psychological Assembly or The Jolly Jumping Jokers
1985 Daryl Martinez
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 12 pages
Jolly Jumping Jokers
Image courtesy e-Bay seller AshsMagicChicago

Comments (Stewart Tame): Illustrations by Richard Kaufman, Photographs by Lainee Schroeder. On the cover it actually states, "Concept by Daryl, Written by Mike Maxwell, Richard Kaufman, Daryl, Lainee Schroeder." Three different versions of the effect are given.


1 Daryl's Psychological Assembly or The Jolly Jumping Jokers--Twelve red spot cards removed from deck, displayed, laid out in four face down packets, envelope produced from pocket, opened to show four Jokers, displayed one at a time, each placed into one of the tabled piles, three packets instantly shown to be four red spot cards, final packet turned up to show four Jokers.
2 #1. The Easy Way
5 #2. The Cardman's Version
7 #3. Diamond Bar: The Impromptu Method
9 Touches: Ways to punch up the routine for maximum effect.