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Daryl: Daryl Does Den Haag
©1988 Daryl, Los Angeles, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 28 pages
Daryl Does Den Haag
Image from Magicref

Comments: Illustrations by Ryk Burnes included on a separate 2 sided 8.5x11" sheet. Daryl Martinez' notes from FISM 88.


2 The Bell of the Ball: a ball bearing and a bell are combined to make a ringing solid ball
5 Twice Torn Bill: torn and restored borrowed bill - twice
10 Camera Cards: magician takes a magic picture of a spectator's thought
14 Borrowed Bill Book Test: serial number of a borrowed bill determine the page, sentence, and word in a book
18 Break Through: bottom of glass is broken off and restored
20 Untouched: spectator determines the name of a card dreamt by the magician, magician never touches the deck
24 The Effect-Less Method: a rubber ball turns to steel, or could be used with only the n0-bounce ball of a set
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