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Darwin, Gary: Darwin's Inexpensive Illusions
©1996 Gary Darwin, NV
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 10x12", 25 pages
Darwin's Inexpensive Illusions
Image courtesy eBay seller Ripley109
Gary Darwin: Darwin's Inexpensive Illusions

Comments: "How to do a complete illusion show with everday household objects! Over 40 inexpensive illusions! & Over 150 illustrations!"

Contents (from book ToC, some page numbers estimated):

I Foreword (Lance Burton)
1 The Mummy Illusion
2 The Black Art Table
3 Darwin's Exchange
8 Darwin's Appearing Assistant
9 Darwin's Improved Grant's Victory Carton
10 Darwin's Improved DeKolta Chair
10 Darwin's Improved Shadow Illusion
10 Darwin's Shadow Production
11 Darwin's Levitation
11 Darwin's Girl From Card Table
11 Darwin's Transposition Illusion
12 Bumps In The Night
12 Film To Life
12 Tip-Over Box
13 Costume Box
13 Spirit Box
13 Sword Box
14 Artist Dream
14 Doll House
15 Stretching A Woman
15 Ark Illusion
15 Poptent Illusion (Darwin)
16 Darwin's 3 Table Illusion
16 Darwin's Diminishing Lady
17 Darwin's Penetration
17 Darwin's Vamptre Illusion
18 Darwin's Cremation Illusion
18 Victory Carton & Mummy Illusion Combo
19 The Mystery Exchange Illusion
19 Darwin's Improve Net Illusion
20 Darwin's Floating Lady
20 Darwin's Live TV
21 Sawing A Lady In Half
22 Harbin's Exchange Illusion
22 Darwin's See-Thru Production
23 Darwin's Girl From Bed
23 Darwin's Refrigerator Illusion
24 Darwin's Impromptu DeKolta Chair
24 Darwin's Bathing Beauty Production
25 Darwin's Life Guard Illusion
25 Darwin's World's Fastest Subtrunk