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D'Arcy, Peter: Children's Parties a Specialty
©1972 A Goodliffe Publication
Reprinted in 1985 as a softcover
Hardcover, 6x9", 97 pages
Children's Parties a
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Comments: On performing for children's shows. From the front flap: "For almost twenty five years Peter D'Arcy has entertained children. In the humblest home, the stately home, work canteens and schools...Peter evolved magic shows built around a theme, with colorful set-pieces serving as both scenery and table to house the various tricks used in the show....Two of these acts are fully described in this book."


iv Foreward (Alan Shaxon)
v Introduction (Peter D'Arcy)

1 Chapter 1 Why Do Children's Shows?
7 Chapter 2 The Ideal Children's Trick
11 Chapter 3 Building a Programme
15 Chapter 4 Business, Psychology and the Running Gag
31 Chapter 5 Using a Fit-Up
33 Chapter 6 The Little Crooked House
53 Chapter 7 Uncle Peter's Magic Bricks
83 Chapter 8 Things Other Than Tricks
97 In Conclusion