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Darci, Steve: The Master Routines
From the Close-Up and Stage Act of Steve Darci MIMC
©2002 Steve Darci,
Published by MagicWebChannel
Paper, Comb Bound, 26 Pages, 8.5x11"
The Master Routines
Image from Magicref

Comments: Companion book to the video.


3 Introduction: Steve Darci, March 2002

4 Chapter One
4 Silk Interlude: a full routine in which four silks change into one larger silk (Blendo), segues into a card effect, then a money silk is produced. The money silk transforms into a real bill, which is rolled into a tube, and two streamers are produced. The details are not provided, just the general presentation. Also provides an optional ending.

6 Chapter Two
6 The Classic Force: Complete analysis including psychological setup up, spectator analysis, deck spread, body language, and clean up and Outs
9 The Aces: four spectators each chose the Ace
10 Royal Force: Four spectators each select one card of a Royal Flush, with the magician taking the fifth card that also matches the image on a scarf
11 New Deck Opener: Two spectators help by getting rid of the Jokers
11 Spectators In Harmony: two spectators keep selecting the same card
11 First Among the Competition: Using the classic force to do an "ambitious" card routine with the Sponsor's special card
11 Face Up Force: an idea

13 Chapter 3
13 Master Routine With the Sponge Bunnies: this routine is in the hands, with no need for the pockets.
14 Optional Ending: for a large "granny" bunny, this time using a pocket

16 Chapter 4
16 Not Another Coins Across: a coins across hand to hand

18 Chapter 5
18 The Master Routine With the Sponge Balls: a five phase sponge ball routine using four balls, with a recommendation of using 2.5" bright colored sponges

24 Chapter 6
24 Double Card Stab: cards fly out from a bag and are stabbed at with a knife; two cards are impaled and are the selections. Uses a Card Fountain and a special knife.