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Daniels, Paul: You Don't Have to be a Kid to Pull a Rabbit Out of a Hat; Magic for Adults
©1997 Paul Daniels & Barry Murray; Barricade Books, Inc.
ISBN 1-56980-119-3
Paper-bound, 105 pages
Magic for Adults

Comments: I borrowed this book from my local library. A good selection of tricks for the beginning magician, along with good instruction, which is sadly so rare in most beginner books. A bit heavy on Card tricks for my liking.


9 Glossary
11 Introduction (Paul Daniels): includes the linking paper clips on bill trick

13 Chapter 1 Why Magic?: essay on magic

15 Chapter 2 Anti-Stress Play Magic
15 The Irish Compass: The Chinese Compass with great Irish patter; the arrow never seems to point where it seems it should
18 One to Four Countdown: a puzzle that the spectator will have a hard time solving
18 The Seven Deadly Sins: Another coin puzzle
20 Ron - A Diversion: A birth-life-death trick

23 Chapter 3 Sales Magic
23 Paul's Puzzle Box: optical illusion
23 Spirit Card: blank backed business card is colored with a pencil to reveal card selection
25 No Cards Mental Test: magician is able to determine card selected from two specially marked business cards (a deck of cards is not used in this effect)
26 Branded Tastes: magician determines which "drink" card was chosen from a stack of business cards
28 The Mentalist: a clever mathematical prediction
29 The Marvellous Magic Square: introduction
30 Instant Square: magician creates a magic square rapidly as soon as the spectator provides a number
31 Lucky Number Square: Magic square totals a number thought of

33 Chapter 4: A Magician In the Office
33 Memo: a mathematical card trick all done in the spectator's hands
35 £50 to a Penny: a double betcha
36 At the End of the Day: a heaven or hell paper fold
37 Calculating Magic: a simple calculator trick
37 Beat the Calculator: magician beats the calculator
38 Calcu-Puzzles: 7 puzzles for the calculator
39 Calcalendar: magician determines dates circled on a calendar
41 The Knight's Tour: magician completes Chess Knight puzzle from memory
43 It's Not as Easy As You Think: Pencil Buttonhole trick
44 Just One of the Miracles We Do: Accomplice knows what card was selected using clever non-verbal code

49 Chapter 5 Magic Out to Lunch
49 Rubber Spoon: optical illusion
49 Spoon Bender: another illusion
50 Think Tap: magician determines what object was selected by spelling it out
51 Rubber Dough: a bouncing roll
52 Better Than a Fortune Cookie: money in a roll
53 I'll Be Damned: coin penetrates a sheet of rubber

56 Chapter 6 Magic After Hours
56 If You Catch It, It's Yours: a betcha with a falling bill
57 Fancy That!: another betcha
58 Juggle: ping pong ball sticks to the nose
59 Money-Book: a gag with a checkbook of £5 notes
59 Finger Fun: a finger stunt that is hard for the spectator to re-produce
61 Gelleresque: magician's match falls while spectator's doesn't (good!)
62 Paul's Pendulum: an experiment in psychomotor response
63 Challenge Balance: magician can balance a matchstick
63 Second Strike: lighting a burnt match
64 No Smoking Cigarette: magician exhales smoke on only every other puff (danger! Smoking!)
64 Everlasting Ash: make everyone nervous with the ashes that don't fall from the cigarette
65 Crazy Stuff: a jumping handkerchief gag
66 It's Up His Sleeve: magician apparently explains how he uses his sleeves, but with a surprise twist (exposes some magic)

72 Chapter 7 Small Wonders The Art of Amusing Children
72 Fly Away Peter: a poem with vanishing papers on the fingertips
73 The Shooting Hanky: a stunt
74 The Invisible Hair: handkerchief controlled by invisible hair (apparently)
75 Lulu: the ballet handkerchief
78 The Animated Mouse: a handkerchief fold comes alive
82 Thumb Stuff: stretching the fingers gag
84 Money Ring: another paper fold
85 The Flapping Bird: yet another paper fold

88 Chapter 8 Basic Card Handling (no descriptions needed here)
88 Standard Dealing Grip
88 The Mechanic's Grip
89 The Riffle Shuffle
89 Retaining the Top Stock
90 Retaining the Bottom Stock
90 The Waterfall Shuffle
91 The Ribbon Spread
92 The Ribbon Spread Pick-Up
92 The Ribbon Spread Turnover
93 The Swing Cut
94 The Swivel Cut
95 Undercut and Glimpse
95 False Cut
96 The Charlier Pass
97 Top Card Force
98 Shuffle Glimpse
99 Gambler's False Cut in the Hands
99 False Riffle Shuffle Off the Table
100 Fanning the Cards
101 The Pressure Fan

102 Chapter 9 Miracles at the Card Table
102 With a Borrowed Pack: spectator's card is found in the card case (no palming required)
105 The All Fair Miracle: Spectator and Magician each select three cards from two packs, and the cards match!
109 Signed Coincidence: signed cards transpose to two halves of the deck
112 Are You Sure?: Magician's effort to determine two spectator's card choices seems to go wrong
113 You Are Magic (Dai Vernon): A Four Ace revelation
117 Good Eye: a card revelation from behind the back to be done with an old deck
121 Perfect Poker: a Poker deal
123 The Master Cardman: Magician blends feats of deck memorization (revealing 4 selections), bridge dealing, and a poker deal

127 Chapter 10 Card Novelties
127 Spelling the Pack: rather than counting 52 cards, you can spell the names to validate a full deck
127 Odd Couples: King and Three match probability
128 Wind-Up: winding up the deck gag
129 Checking the Pack: another gag
130 Turn-Up: a quick stack to deal (in a one down, one under fashion) a straight sequence from Ace to King
130 Card-Players' Quiz: 15 puzzling questions for card lovers
130 Drop Challenge: Dropping cards into a hat
132 Turn-Up Challenge: a quick puzzle with three cards
132 The Thinking Card-Player's Puzzle: another puzzle using language and cards
132 The Perpetual Almanack or Gentleman's Prayer Book: a story to go with a stacked deck
138 Solutions: to the puzzled

139 Chapter 11 Six Great Card Tricks
139 Compulsion: the magician's prediction "compulsed" the spectator's choice
144 Half Cut Coincidence: two choices from a literally cut deck (cut in half) end up being both halves of the same card
147 The Crystal Gazer: spectator selects a card without looking at the face. A crystal ball is used to determine a card value, and the selected card matches!
151 Telepathic Do As I Do: A Do As I Do routine performed under the table (with cards)
153 Dial A Miracle: card trick can be done over the phone
155 The Lie Detector: Whether he lies or tells the truth, the magician finds the spectator's card selection

159 Acknowledgments