Dalal, Sam & Mahadevananda: The Magic of Mahadevananda
©1983 Sam Dalal, Calcutta, India
Paper, comb-bound, 22 pages, 8.5x11"
Magic of Mahadevananda
Image courtesy GranHoudini.net

Comments: (from the publisher): "A soft cover, A-4 size 28 pages book, with a bio-sketch of the author and illustrated with over two dozen line drawings. This is the fifth book of the Indian Showcase Series.Those who have seen Mahadevananda perform are aware of his ability to take simple props and methods, and transform them into entertaining magic. He has the ability to perform magic with the accent on entertainment. In this book, the author has explained eleven routines, with props as diverse as bottles and bags, silks and ribbons, feather flower bouquets, chop cups and playing cards. His idea of transforming a bottle of Vinegar selected by a spectator from several options to Pepsi, as a more potable choice for a drink is brilliant. The effect 'No Room to Change' using just four cards and a simple sleight with the story is almost too good to be true. 'No Chance' is another routine where a banner is used to create Magic, rather differently.An excellent book for the performing entertainer."

Contents (numbers are not page numbers)

1 This Is The Drink I Want
2 Simplex Shower Of Sweets
3 Do It In Their Hand
4 My Chop Cup Routine
5 No Chance
6 Magic Drinks Maker
7 No Room To Change
8 The Flying Bouquet
9 Simple Sucker Silks
10 The No Tubes or Bags Transposition
11 Silk In The Soup