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Dalal, Sam: Three Color Changing Pen Knife
199? Electrofun, India (Sam Dalal)
Softcover, two 8.5"x11" pages w/line drawings; with props.
Three Color
              Changing Pen Knife
Sam Dalal
                Color Knives

Comments (magicref): This color changing knives set is made in India and features a simple routine. Three knives are included featuring white, black, and red colors. A brass two knife holder and instruction sheets are also provided. The knives are cheaply made and very difficult to open, but the size and shape are good for the change move. I certainly prefer the Mogar knives, but this approximately $10 set may be acceptable for the magician on a very tight budget.

The routine is on two 8.5x11" pages. First page provides the routine, the 2nd page provides the sleights. A few line drawings are provided. The routine is written well, but provides only the mechanics, no patter or presentation.

Note: Electro-Fun Magic is now Funtime Magic.


1 Effect: A white knife is shown, then turns to black. It is passed to the other hand, and it turns red. Effect can be concluded, or the knife can change back to black and then white, and finally examined.
1 The Apparatus Supplied: explained
1 A Complete Routine: above routine explained
1 A Short Routine: Red knife changes to black, is transferred to the other hand where it changes to white. It is taken in the other hand and handed out for examination.
2 The Paddle Move: explained
2 The Flick: a flourish for a quick color change
2 Alternate Change: through the hand
2 The Switch: how to switch knives