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Cyprian, Father: You Are Magic No. 10
©1983 Fr. Cyprian, NY
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 30 pages
You Are Magic No.
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Comments: Tenth lecture in the "You Are Magic" series, with 10 effects.


1 Foreword (Father Cyprian)
2 Aces - Chicago Style: cutting of the four Aces as an opener
5 Watch Your Aces: a Four Ace revelation
6 Watch Your Aces II: Another method for revealing the Aces, or a selected Card
7 Switchblade Aces: another way to Cut to the Aces
8 Ring In Nest of Boxes: a comedy version
12 The Big Little Signed Card In The Wallet Scam: uses a Pocket Secretary type wallet with a separate compartment for ID card
18 Becker and Cyprian: addition to Larry Becker's Psi-Stebbins
20 Bank Deposit Slip Prediction: total of checks made up by spectators matches prediction
22 Match Box: variation of above
23 Doctor Jekyll and Ms. Hyde: a two spectator routine with Red and Blue decks
29 Invisodex: Ideas for utilizing the moves from Dr. Jekyll for Invisible Deck routines
30 Addenda: some additional credits and additional handlings