Curzon, Roger: Sublimations
©2007 (circa) Roger Curzon
Softcover, spiral-bound, 8.5x11", 149 pages
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Roger Curzon: Sublimations

Comments: "A Magic DVD VideoBook. A Collection of Mental, New Age and Bizarre Magick for Intimate Performance." Book came with a performance DVD with video and files/templates.

Contents: (Descriptions from

9 Introduction
10 Foreword
13 Chromancy: Aura Stone prophecy
19 - Cold Reading Lines for Colours
21 Psychotronic: Spectator's collective psychic energy affects calculator
25 Automatism: automatic writing duplication
31 The Souls of Previous Times: the plague takes its victims - only one survives.
37 Date Divination: coin date
41 Some Thoughts on Notepads, Wallets, Business Cards, etc
45 The Number of the Beast: Satan summoned via numerological prediction
49 The Four Pattern Prediction: pattern character analysis with prediction climax
54 The Three Pattern Prediction: business card variation
57 Quadtasense: combine Tarot reading with clean prediction
61 Kliptomaniac (without the clip): Psychometric coin routine
63 A Gift from Elizabeth Francis: the witch is dead, but...
69 Got Your Number: spectator transmits a number via automatic writing
75 Gematria: Cabalistic alphabet prediction
81 Gematria Two
83 Congruent Coin Force
69 Night of the Demon: Chosen demon's name appears in fire
95 The Pen and the Pendulum: Eerie living and dead test
99 Zurcon (An experiment In chromatic hypersensitivity)
104 Zurcon — The Sequel
105 The Third Eye: Stunning headline prediction
115 A Simple Idea for a Crib Sheet
119 Subliminal Perception: ESP Post-It Note prediction
125 The Shining: Impromptu drawing duplication
129 Solipsism: playing with reality - Runic parchment revelation
135 Salamander Papers
141 I Predict that the Last Four Numbers on the Note Will Be (update)
148 On the DVD