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Curzon, Roger: Blood On the Tricks
©1995 (circa) Roger Curzon, U.K.
Softcover, spiral-bound, 8.5x11", 58 pages
Blood On The Tricks
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Smikat.Cuaavh
Roger Curzon: Blood On The Tricks



5 Coincidence in Millions
7 The Dream Card
11 Heavy Breather
13 Diamond Theft
15 Jacks
17 The Sheffield Solution
19 Wipe Out the Aces
21 Film Flam
23 Trico Two
26 Your Thoughts Are With Me
29 Vacuum Cleaner Cards
32 Card School
34 Vanishing Deck
36 Fantastic Prediction
38 ESP Prediction
41 Jokerman
44 Knockout Prediction Revisited
47 CCC Sandwich
49 Variations Variant
52 I Predict that the Last Four Numbers on the Note Will Be:
57 Bibliography