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Curry, Paul: Out Of This World - And Beyond
©1975 Paul Curry
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 20 pages
Out of this World
              and Beyond
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1 Original Effect and Method
5 Handling "Wrong" Half (Dowd)
5 Handling "Wrong" Half (Wheeler)
6 Handling "Wrong" Half (Lorayne)
6 Handling "Wrong" Half (Gravatt)
7 False Shuffle (Victor)
7 False Shuffle (Miesel)
7 False Shuffle (Hudson)
8 Joker Climax (Curry)
8 Joker Climax (Christopher)
9 Selected Card, Reversed Colors (Curry)
9 Elimination of Count
10 Changeover
10 Impromptu Method (Walsh)
10 Impromptu Method (Lorayne)
11 Impromptu Method (Braude)
13 Impromptu Method (Grant)
14 Use of "Strippers"
14 Use of a "Reversed" Deck (Kattner)
14 Using Jumbo Cards (Haines)
15 Using a One-Way Deck (Gardner)
15 Using a Deck With Mixed Backs
16 Face Up Version (Barnert)
16 Variation of Effect Using Picture Cards (Victor)
17 Variation of Effect Selections Made From Spread (Gardner)
18 Variation of Effect Out of this Universe (Lorayne)
19 Variation of Effect Spectators Call Numbers to be Dealt (Marlo)