Curry, Paul: Magician's Magic
1965 Frankling Watts Inc.

2003 re-print by Dover Publications
Softcover, perfect-bound, 6x9", 288 pages
ISBN: 0486431762

Magicians Magic
1965 Edition
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Magician's Magic -
Current Dover Reprint
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Comments (Dover): Curry incorporated thoroughly engrossing material with a style that was truly elegant. This book by a "magician's magician" discloses the secrets behind a collection of close-up marvels including the author's "Out of the World," reputed to be the best card trick of the past century. The first five chapters provide a history of magic from ancient Egyptian times to the present. The latter eight chapters provide magic by Paul Curry. The Dover reprint states, "Unabridged republication of the work originally published by Franklin Watts Inc., NY 1965"


1 Introduction: by Martin Gardner
7 1. By Way of Background: An essay on Paul's introduction to the world of magic
11 2. The Old, Old Tricks: A History of Magic with a few tricks briefly described
37 3. The Magician's Image: The development of the Modern Magician
47 4. Houdini - and After
65 5. The New Conjurers
79 6. What Became of Gravity?
101 7. Into Thin Air
125 8. Out of Nowhere:  Includes a cut & restored rope trick
153 9. Ties That Do Not Bind: includes a cord & washer trick
173 10. The Power of Thought: includes a telephone card trick
193 11. Of Things to Come: includes a three card prediction
205 12. The Quick and the Dead
237 13. The Mind Reels: includes a perplexing mathematical paradox
261 Bibliography
264 Index