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Cummins, Paul: FASDIU II
©2002 Paul Cummins
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 129 pages

Comments: Sequel to FASDIU. Eighteen routines all from a shuffled deck in use, with one coin routine. With 83 photo-illustrations.


i Introduction
1 Part 1: For the Laity
1 A La Annemann: One card changes four times in six seconds
7 Stumped!: performer immediately names the three selections peeked by spectators
14 A La Tullock: streamlined version of Tullock's "Busted Transpo"
20 A Total Triumph: version of Vernon's "Triumph" in which the selected card never need be controlled
28 Beating the Heat: A previously tabled and cased deck contains one reversed card that matches a free choice in another deck
38 AACAAAN1: Almost any card at almost any number
44 Movin' On Up: Paul's take on Ed Marlo's "Elevator Cards" theme
54 Box Topper: Three selections found on top of card box, below card box, and inside the card box
60 Just in Case: A repeat card under and into box routine
70 No Joke: queens instantly change into two jokers, and jokers under spectator's hand become the four queens
77 No Mercy: multiple chard change with a spectator

87 Part 2 For the Magi
87 Red Herring Location: impossible location
92 AACAAAN2: Almost any card at almost any number.
97 Choice: Another impossible location routine
102 Triumph '93: An in-the-hands triumph including the Jennings/Goodwin display
107 O'Henry Ace Assembly: features a little-known Ed Marlo add-on and a great finesse by Jim Swain and Bob Stencel on the Vernon Transfer.
117 Overtwist Transposed: another rendition of the twisting ace routine
125 Trick Shell: One coin changes into two coins, then three, and then four
129 Concluding Remarks