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Cummins, Paul: From A Shuffle Deck In Use (FASDIU), Part 2
©1996 Paul Cummins
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 36 pages
From a Shuffled Deck
              In Use Part 2
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Comments: More Card Magic to be performed with an un-gimmicked deck, and several coin routines included as well. The combined Parts 1 & 2 can be purchased from Paul Cummins.


1 Commercial Universal: classic Universal Card theme designed for restaurant
3 Another Sequestered Collectors: Includes a description of Paul’s rolling disclosure of the collected packet
6 True Triumph: tabled topsy-turvy deck routine in which the cards are never riffle shuffled
8 Smoother Stevens: performer dead cuts four packets out that each have an ace at their face
11 Overtwist Minor: An outgrowth of Paul’s Overtwist
14 Play It To Scale: unique sandwich effects
16 Almost Open Prediction: impromptu version of Paul Curry’s classic effect
18 Intuitive Poker: spectator fills a royal straight flush
20 Personal Slop: Sid Lorraine’s classic Slop Shuffle routine
22 Deliberate Oil & Water: performed slowly, slowly, slowly and with calm deliberation
25 Top Billing: Coin matrix routine using bills as covers
28 Double Cross Changed: Four silver half-dollars and an Okito Box with an Oriental Coin climax
30 Penetrating Thoughts: four coins penetrate the bottom of an Okito Box and the performer’s hand
32 Multiple Choice: After causing an English Penny to penetrate the back of the hand, a total of seven Pennies are ultimately produced from apparently empty hands
34 Pitchin’ Penetration: Half penetrates the back of the hand, and two halves are discovered, which change into a dollar piece.
35 Reverse Backfire: Paul’s rendition of Derek Dingle’s fabulous Backfire Coin Assembly