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Cummins, Paul: From A Shuffle Deck In Use (FASDIU), Part 1
©1996 Paul Cummins
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 40 pages
From a Shuffled Deck
              in Use Part 1
Image courtesy DavesMagicalMedia

Comments: Card Magic to be performed with an un-gimmicked deck (with a few exceptions). The combined Parts 1 & 2 can be purchased from Paul Cummins.


ii Intro
1 Part 1
1 Personal Triumph: version of Vernon's Triumph
4 Counting On It: cut the number of cards named by spectator, with last card the selection
7 The Trick That Never Happened: version of Walton's Time Travelers
9 Invisible Card: with spectator involvement
11 Workingman's Wild Card: ring in and out the gaffed set without sleight of hand
14 Prevarication Detection: Lie detector routine
18 Overtwist: a twisting routine and more
20 Old Faithful: in-hands monte routine
22 Bar None: uses a duplicate card
24 Casebreak: stunt with the deck case
25 Visual Retention Bottom Deal & Ace Production: sleight
27 Pasteboard Substitution Trunk Mystery: Houdini's Metamorphosis with a deck of cards
28 Flasher: Assisting spectator actually forces a card on herself
30 PIPS!: pip-erasure theme
32 The Bottom of the Barrel: card cheating demo
36 The Multiple Selection Routine