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Crow, Raymonde: As the Crow Flies
©2003 Raymonde Crow; Editing, layout, photos,
cover and book design by Scott F. Guinn
Paper, Spiral Bound, 99 Pages
Also available as an e-Book from Scott Guinn
As the Crow Flies
Image from Magicref

Comments: Nice book with close up magic designed for restaurant work. Tons of clear B&W photos.


4 Introduction and Dedication: by Raymonde Crowe
5 Foreword: by Scott F. Guinn

7 Adult Set #1: set with beginning, middle and end
9 Terrible With Names: two cards with two different spectator's names are placed under separated halves of the deck, yet the cards rise to the top of each half of the deck and transpose three times
13 The Mother-In-Law Who Would Not Die: an ambitious card plot with a relative who just won't go away
18 Clean Torn and Restored: Signed cards are torn; spectator takes 1/2 and magician the other. Turns out the magician has only "backs" and the spectator has an untorn double-facer! Includes optional patter for weddings/anniversaries

23 Family Set #1: Giveaways are important, and so is targeting the adults as well as the children
25 Lint Trap: a sponge rabbit routine, also using the Sanada gimmick
29 Edible Matrix: a matrix with chocolate coins, and the child can keep one
32 Son of Sucker Trick: a dime and penny jump hands, transpose, and penetrate a lollipop.

37 Long Table Set #1: for larger tables
39 Fist of Okito: three coins penetrate the coin box and hand, one at a time. Coin penetrates thru hand and back into the box (Slot Box)
44 Ticket to Anywhere: Spectator's punched and signed card transposes with magician's; story line of tickets and traveling

49 Adult Set #2
51 Dead Kennedys: two in the hand and one in the pocket for half dollars; with vanish climax. Uses shell
54 The Prince and the Pauper: 1st selection appears between two jokers and is set aside. 1st selection reappears between the jokers, and card set aside earlier is 2nd selection. Two selections transpose.
58 Tasteful Coins Across: coins pass from hand to hand, with the last one in the mouth. (shell)

61 Family Set #2
63 Little Richie's Stickerman: sticker moves from card to card until it ends up on the selection, which transforms as the sticker is lifted
65 Raymonde Crowe's E-Z Magic Kit: signed card to matchbox
69 Chinese Pickpocket: Chinese coins off ribbon

73 Other Routines
75 The Bermuda Triangle: a matrix type of effect in a triangle
79 Mystic Tibetan Ring: finger ring penetrates a ribbon multiple times, then flies to the magician's key chain
83 Politically Correct Coin Trick: a routine for the Copper/Silver/Brass set with the half changing to two foreign coins under a shot glass.

87 RC Cop: move a card from middle of deck into modified cop position
91 Questions About Restaurant Magic: getting started, knowing when you're ready, how to approach tables, and more
97 Treasures - My Favorite Routines of Other Magicians. Eleven effects or products listed.