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Crow, Raymonde: The Bird's Eye
©2007 Raymonde Crow
Paper, 68 pages
Also available as an e-Book from Scott Guinn
The Bird's Eye
Image courtesy Diamond's Magic

Comments: More good magic for walk-around/restaurant. I think I liked Ray's "As the Crow Flies" a little better, but that all depends on what kind of routines you like!


4 Introduction: by Raymonde Crow

5 The Easy Stuff - maximum impact with minimal sleights. These are mostly self-workers.
6 Dream Card: Magician removes a prediction card from the deck and spectator deals deck into two piles and looks at a card. This card and a 2nd selection "match" the prediction. Suggested as a good trick if you need to teach a beginner.
7 A Thing for the Ladies: Spectator deals himself the four queens
9 The Himmelfarb Maneuver: Spectator deals the four Kings AND the four Aces
10 Jokers Are Wild: A joker is jabbed into the deck to find a selection, and the joker turns into the selection
12 Beginner's Luck: a red Ace is placed in a Blue deck, the Ace is found, and then its back is Blue while the deck is Red
14 Ectoplasmic Match: a match torn from a matchbook is burnt, vanished, and reappears back in the matchbook, but in its burnt state!
16 Rabbit Thieves: an approach to the old Sheep & Thieves routine but with a surprising finish

19 Openers: strong, fun and engaging
20 Comedy Sandwich: a selection becomes sandwiched between the two Jokers; the packet is placed in the spectator's palms, and the selection vanishes.
23 Sandwich Pass: Raymonde's variation of Ken Krenzel's One Card Middle Pass
24 Copper Silver: a copper/silver coin routine with built-in reset, featuring the Williamson Strike Vanish and Gregory Wilson's All Around Vanish
27 Mi Dinero Es Su Dinero: Two initialed half dollars (one by magician and one by spectator) transpose in the hands. Automatic Reset
29 My Hand Sandwich: Similar in concept to Comedy Sandwich, but a greatly different approach

33 Closers: ending strong
34 Ultra Matrix: Reverse matrix with 4 coins and two cards, no extras or gimmicks
37 @#$! Prediction: Raymond's handling of Jay Sankey's Paperclipped effect.
40 Full Metal Jacket: Coins across routine, the last coin vanishes and is heard to land in a glass in the Magician's pocket. Uses a clever "Miracle Coins to Pocket" gaff.

45 Act In A Box: complete mini-acts with cards
46 PH for a Day: 4 acts - cards melt into the card box, twisting the aces, ambitious card, and a frozen solid deck. Uses Steve Bedwell's "Reboxed" (not described) and Paul Harris' Solid Deception pack.
51 Cuffed Mama In My Wallet: a multiple selection routine in which a "handcuff" card turns into one selection and the other is found in the magician's wallet (recommends Wakeman's Expert Card to Wallet)

57 Bonus: good stand up routines with no table required
58 Full Metal Jacket II: a coin hand to hand and to pocket routine. Requires the wearing of a jacket. Uses only three regular coins.
63 Card of Fate: Spectator's card is the last one removed from the pocket, even though both magician and spectator remove cards one by one.

66 Who Me, Work for Tips? Are You Crazy?: An essay on working for tips