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Crosthwaite, Roger: Card Notes
©1982 Roger Crosthwaite
Paper, 100 Pages
Available as a 100 page e-book from
Card Notes
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Comments ( This is an ebook for the card specialist: beautiful routines and details, variations and tips on moves and technique Includes his Lecture Notes 1 and Lecture Notes 2


3 Foreword

7 Roger Crosthwaite's Lecture Notes 1
7 Introduction
8 Definition Of Terms
9 Abbreviation Of Terms
10 A Philosophy Of Magic
11 Magic Circle Prize-Winning Magic Or The Patriotic Bishop Routine
20 Cards From Balloon
21 On The Hofzinser Change
22 The Rear Palm Side Steal
24 The Ltp Side Steal
25 The Delayed Ltp Side Steal
26 Technical Notes

27 Lecture Notes 2
28 A Close-Up Card Routine
30 Spinning Again
32 Roger’s Elevator
34 Spades In Love
35 Free Cutting The Cards
37 Alternative Separation Methods
38 Cased Escape
40 Another Deck Switch
41 The Colour-Changing Deck
43 It's All Done By Mirrors
45 Blinding The Cut
48 Getting Saved In The Shuffle
51 The Revolving Snap
52 The Natural Second Deal
53 The Boomerang Spin
54 The Left About Change
56 Technical Notes