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Crosthwaite, Rober & Justin Higham: Roger's Thesaurus
A Modern Treatise on the Art of Card Magic
©1994 L & L Publishing
Hardcover, 8.75x11.25, 256 pages
Roger's Thesaurus
Image courtesy e-Bay seller LeoCuellar

Comments: Some of the best card magic talent in the UK from the 1990's.

Contents (some page numbers are estimates)

xii Acknowledgements
xiii Dedication
xv Profile
xvii Preface
xviii Foreword
xix Introduction

1 Chapter One: Completing The Circle
3 Phase One Beginning The Act
3 - Set-Up: Rest Position
4 - The Deck Production: The Ltp
6 - The Salt Pot Production: Straddle Grip Steal
7 Phase Two: Reading The Mind
7 - Primal Paradigms (Ribbon Spread Grab)
9 - Think-A-Card: Salad Shuffle, Incomplete Shuffle Glimpse, Drop-Cut Control, The Upjog Switch
11 Phase Three Finding The Foursome: The Rapid Cull, Draw False Cut, Fan Shuffle Placement, 15 The Kilburn Cut: Estimate Cut
16 - The Sultan Stab: The Top Change
18 - The Chutney Change
20 - The Khan Reverse: Domino Split, Martinez Display Righting Move Variation, Charlier Catch, Card Case Switch, Insertion Steal, Visual Replacement
23 Phase Four Caressing The Cards
23 - Lost And Found: Overhand Shuffle Shift, Marlo's Undercut Finesse, Minus 51 Riggle Stack, The Zarrow Shuffle, Marlo's Combi-Null Cut, Off-The-Face Switch
27 Phase Five Dealing With Desire
27 - How It's Done: Spin-Out Center Deal, Open Hockley, Fake One Hand Center, Vernon's Flourish Count, Benzais Cop, Vernon Change, Pocket Switch
31 Phase Six Making The Magic
31 - The Magic Salt: The Count-Lap; Propelled Lapping; Single Deal Vanish; Mztltiple Deal Vanish; Ltp Packet Replacement
34 Phase Seven Ending With Style: The Long Pour, The Body Talk Test

37 Chapter Two: Think-A-Card
38 Opening Remarks
38 - The Selection Of The Card
39 - The Location Of The Card
40 - The Revelation Of The Card
41 Personal Roots
43 Psychological Roots
43 - The Eyes Have It: The Length Of Gaze, The Direction Of Gaze, The Intensity Of Gaze
48 Technical Roots
48 - Erdnase Method A: Variation One Verbal Stop Technique, Variation Two Visual Stop Technique, Variation Three Retention-Of-Vision
50 - Erdnase Method B: Variation The Spring Force
52 - Erdnase Method C: Variation The Charlier Force, Adams' Charlier Variant
54 - Erdnase Method D
55 The Gaze Method
55 - Think-A-Card: Veneri Break Transfer
58 - Think-A-Force: Controlling The Gaze
61 The Unexplained
61 - Mental Stab (Crosthwaite)
61 - Direct Mindreading (Crosthwaite)
62 - Mental Topper (Crosthwaite)
62 - Mental Jacks (Crosthwaite)
63 - Mindreading Experiment 1 (Crosthwaite)
63 - Mindreading Experiment 2 (Crosthwaite)
64 The Explained
64 - Super Clairvoyant (Higham): Reverse Faro; Faro Check; Wrist Turn Reversal; Fan Peek
66 - Direct Mind Control (Lewis)
68 - Cyril's Method (Golding)

71 Chapter Three: Beyond The Gen
72 Ace-Cutting
72 - Spectator Cuts, Magician Delivers (Higham): Marlo's Top Card Slip Cut; Stencel's Circular Subtlety;
74 A Son Goat
74 - Flash Aces (Crosthwaite): Center Cut; Revolving Pass; Irons' Top Stock Control
77 Primals
77 - Primal Premonition (Crosthwaite): Tabled Steal; Lap-Switch; Turnover Switch
80 - Primal Memory 1 (Crosthwaite): Christ's Cut-Deeper Force
82 - Primal Memory 2 (Crosthwaite): Marlo's Click Count
86 Jokers Wild
86 - Michael's Wild Card (Vincent): Vernon's Strip-Out Addition, 5-As-4 Count, Marlo's Diminishing Lift Display, Through-The-Fist Turnover, Cyprian Color Change, Through-The-Fist Change
89 LTP Work
89 - Miracle Change Effect (Crosthwaite): Ltp Peek Steal; Clip Palm, Tabled Addition, Miracle Steal
94 For Psychics Only
94 - Sandwich Sequence (Crosthwaite): Christ Twist, Delayed Switch
97 - Ultra Clean Sandwich (Vincent): Marlo's Longitudinal Top Palm, Incredible Deal Switch
100 For Crazy Cardicians
100 - Purist Sandwich: Clip Bottom Control, Second-From-Bottom Control

103 Chapter Four: Quantum Classics
104 The Crimp
104 - Gambler's Aces (Irons): Breather Crimp, Bottom Running-Cut
105 - Breather Stacking (Irons)
107 The Shuffle
107 - After-The-Shuffle Reverse (Zarrow)
109 - Free Count Aces (Crosthwaite): Rapid Thumbcount, Variation One: Faro Shuffle, Variation Two: Overhand-Faro
112 The Force
112 - Movable Card Force (Marlo): Movable Coincidence
114 The Pass
114 - The Longitudinal Pass (Higham)
116 - The Dribble Shift (Higham): Delayed Dribble Shift
119 The Palm
119 - The Diagonal Palm Shift (Crosthwaite): Diagonal Push-Through, Palm-Replacement
121 - Card From Box (Power): Revolving Replacement
123 The Change
123 - Michael's General Card (Vincent): Panoramic Shift, Pass-Cut, Second-From-Top Change, Third-From-Top Change
126 The Cull
126 - Riffle Cull Finesse (Crosthwaite): Method One Single Cull, Method Two Single Cull, Method Three Multiple Cull, Method Four Multiple Cull, Method Five Multiple Cull,
Method Six Multiple Cull, Method Seven Cull-Crimp 1, Method Eight Cull-Crimp 2, Method Nine Multiple Cull, Triple Peek Control, Leipzig Spin-Cut
134 - The Combination Cull: First Method (Carre), Second Method (Higham)
139 - Total Cull (Carre): Prayer Cull, Order Cull, Slop Shuffle, Another Sort

143 Chapter Five: Crossroading
145 Seconds And More
145 - Montage: Push-Off Second Deal (Reay, Lovell, Higham); Immediate Center (Crosthwaite); Block Unit Control (Higham)
154 Dealing Around
154 - Reset Routine (Hollingworth): Rear Clip Palm, Pick-Up False Shuffle, Benzais Spin Out, Buckley S Bottom Deal (Variant), Marlo's Center Control (Variant)
160 Coming Together
160 - Interlaced Transformation (Higham): End Tap Pass, Strike Unit Deal, Marlo's Open Double, Victor's Riffle Pass
163 Separating Out
163 - To Another World (Crosthwaite): Longitudinal Deal Cop, Spread-Count, Ireland's False Shuffle
166 Counting The Cards
166 - Phantom Aces (Higham): Dribble Force, Stab Force Variation, Thompson Stop
186 Retaining The Stack
186 - Running Charlier (Higham)
186 Winning The Game
186 - One Shuffle Riffle Stack (Irons)

173 Chapter Six: The Magic Of Jack Avis
174 TV Part One
174 - Twist And Vanish (Avis And Endfield): Kb Move, Krenzels Mechanical Reverse, Marlo's 4-As-5 Count, Marlo's Edge Cover Grip, Elmsley's Everchange Count
178 TV Part Two
178 - Siva's Twist And Vanish (Avis): Unloading (Putback) False Count, Upright Count
Pinch Grip, Olram Split
180 TV Part Three
180 - Shock Treatment (Endfield): Milk Build Shuffle, Endfield-Sinzon Count, Variation One Deep Face-Up Switch, Variation Two Steal-Back, Variation Three Centerpoint Subtlety
180 Underground
180 - Another Call, Another Place (Avis): Erdnase Bottom Deal
185 Overground
185 - Flip Up Put Back Count (Avis): The Genuine Count, The False Count, The Force
198 Combination One
198 - A Change Of Identity (Avis): Tamariz Turnover, Skin-Grip, Altman Trap, Siva Display Subtlety, Hindu Shuffle Force, Lap Addition, Nolap Switch, Elmsley Count, E-Y-E Count, Flushtration Count
198 Combination Two
198 - Identity Cards (Higham): Olram Subtlety
201 Chapter Seven: The Scottish Connection
202 The First Link
202 - Tribute To Roy Walton (Duffie)
203 - Leave 'Em Laughing (Walton)
204 The Second Link
204 - Palmist's Prediction (Bruce): Spread Switch
206 The Third Link
206 - Those Enigmatic Royals (Duffie)
209 The Fourth Link
209 - Adagio For Strings (Girdwood)
210 The Fifth Link
210 - Thinking Out Loud (Hamilton): Larreverse, Christ Reverse
213 The Sixth Link
213 - Where Regals Dare (Mcbride): Braue Addition, Martinez T Variation, Flip-Over Switch
216 The Seventh Link
216 - Quantum Leap: The De La Mare Count
219 Appendix: The Longitudinal Angle Palm, The Erdnase Break, Marlo's Turnaround Center Glimpse, The Anglejog Turnover Glimpse, Delayed Turnaround Center Glimpse, Bernard's Double Tap Subtlety, Sauter La Coupe, The High-Cros Move, Tenkai's Optical Move, The Erdnase Square-Up, The Punch