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Croskery, Bob Forsythe: The Magic Profit Primer
©1987 Bob Forsythe Croskery, Action Entertainment
Paper, 5.5x8.5", 141 pages
The Magic Profit Primer
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Comments: About the business side of magic. Illustrated with line drawings.

Contents: (Chapters only)

9 Foreword
15 Introduction (Paul Gretzinger)
21 Chapter 1 Puzzle Presenter or Magic Maker?
31 Chapter 2 Getting Your Act Together
39 Chapter 3 Booking Your First Shows
45 Chapter 4 Working the Heartbreak Circuit
51 Chapter 5 Success In Your First Paid Shows
63 Chapter 6 Garnering Publicity: the Affordable Advertising
71 Chapter 7 Bookings, Taxes, Bookkeeping and Brochures: The Business of Showbusiness
89 Chapter 8 Thoughts on Heckler Handling
97 Chapter 9 Strolling Shows and Radio Remotes
107 Chapter 10 A Touch of Magic by Forsythe
125 Chapter 11 On Perils, Profits, and Your Productivity
133 Chapter 12 Living the Adventure: Secrets of Real Magic