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Cremer, W.H. (ed): Hanky Panky
A Book of Conjuring Tricks
©1877(circa) John Camden Hotten, Piccadilly
Hardcover, 330 pages
Hanky Panky
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Potter Auctions
W.H. Cremer: Hanky Panky


Contents (Chapters Only)

13 Chapter I Simple Tricks
18 Chapter II Simple Tricks With Coins
36 Chapter III Simple Tricks With Ropes and String
51 Chapter IV Simple Tricks With Handkerchiefs
56 Chapter V Simple Tricks With Rings
61 Chapter VI Simple Tricks With Knives
66 Chapter VII Simple Tricks Fortune-Telling Tricks
78 Chapter VIII Simple Tricks With Boxes
80 Chapter IX Simple Tricks With Hats
86 Chapter X Tricks In Drawing, Writing, Painting, &c.
94 Chapter XI Amusing Tricks With Various Articles
114 Chapter XII Interludes, Puzzles, &c.
133 Chapter XIII Tricks In the Water
139 Chapter XIV Tricks in Acoustics
152 Chapter XV Tricks With Wind and Air
156 Chapter XVI Electrical Tricks
160 Chapter XVII Tricks With Fire and Heat
185 Chapter XVIII Optical Tricks
227 Chapter XIX Complicated Tricks In Mechanical Magic
251 Chapter XX Tricks With Cards

308 Appendix
308 Gamblers' Tricks With Cards Exposed
321 Roulette
326 Rouge-et-Noir