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Craven, Tom: T.I.P.S. Tom In Print Somewhere
©1990 Tom Craven
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11:, 42 pages
              Print Somewhere
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Tom Craven: T.I.P.S. Tom in Print Somewhere

Comments: Card Magic You Can Do

Contents (from book ToC):

I Foreword
II Introduction
1 A Real Prediction
3 Is it here...or There?
6 Craven’s Pyramid Aces
9 Aces Only Triumph
14 Not Really Triumph
16 Countdown Triumph
18 Top Ten
21 Another Aussie
22 My Card is...
24 The Only Fair Way to Cut - The Aces
28 The Cutting Sequence
31 Cut N’ Count Double
33 Goody Goody
35 Incomplete Faro Jog Control
37 Double Crosser
39 Blank(et) Prediction