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Crandall, Clarke 'Senator': Now You Can Get The Best Of 'Senator' Crandall
©1969 Abbott's Magic Manufacturing Company of Colon, Michigan.
Paper, stapled, 8.5x11", 108 pages
Now You Can Get the Best of Senator Crandall
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Comments: Compiled by Neil Foster from Clarke's column in The New TOPS, introduction by Robert Lund.


6 It's a Mystery to Me...
8 Let Him Who is Without Sin...
10 Panties, Falsies and Lolly-pops
11 The Egg and I
12 Criticism Should be a Reward
14 ....and With Much Less Effort
17 Those Who Watched Saw an Artist
18 Barbecueitis - I'll Take Vanilla
20 Magician's Convention Pox
21 A Whisk Broom in Muncie, Indiana
22 Dear 'Senator'
25 The 'Senator's' Christmas Story
27 New Years Resolutions
28 ...The Floor Had Just Been Waxed
31 The World's Largest Dove Cote
33 The Next Time You Wave a Painted Stick
35 An Open Letter to Monk Watson
37 The "Mat Hatter of Magic"
43 All The World is Waiting for the Stuff
44 ...Before the Spectator Does
45 The Morrison Hotel
47 The Inveterate "put'er offer"
48 What Flash Paper?
49 The Reaction was Tremendous
50 Funny Ha Ha and Funny Peculiar
50 She Sleeps in my Bedroom
53 Motor Trip Thru Florida
55 They Learn Quicker
56 Long Live the Great Blackstone
57 Letters, Cards, Books, Etc., Etc.
58 I Liked Him For It
61 Gaily Decorated Coffee Cans
62 Abbott's 30th Annual Get-Together
64 Compost Hits The Fan
66 The 'Senator's' Lecture
72 Definition of an Executive
72 Excerpts from an Overstuffed Notebook
73 "When Heaven Doesn't Want You..."
75 I May Not Be So Lucky
77 I Was Asleep
78 The Angels Must Be Laughing
79 "I Thought You Worked That Way"
81 ...To Admire His Work
83 Little Informative Fillers
84 I Sometimes Talk 'terrible' to People
88 Handy Home Pharmacopoeia
90 Don't Forget to Feed the Birds
94 Turned the Windmill of the Old Moulin Rouge
94 A Royal Flush
95 Dr Little Beaver & Goldie
98 A Duplicate Pitchfork
100 Brazen & Bold
102 I Wish I Could Say I Didn't Deserve It
104 No Drip, No Splatter, No Fuss or Muss
105 Snifter-Sip-Swig-Snort-Guzzle-Swallow-Gulp-Belt-Blast
106 Funny Men Aren't Supposed to be Sad
107 Conclusion