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Colombini, Aldo: Direct Hits
Imaginative Card Magic
©1996 Mama Mia Magic
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 48 pages
Direct Hits
Image courtesy e-Bay seller AshsMagicChicago
Aldo Colombini: Direct Hits


Contents: (Courtesy Dickey/Roat's The Magic Files)

1 Introduction
2 Heat
3 The Dirty Dozen
6 A Case of Stairs
9 Seventh Floor
14 Meet Charley
16 Ace-mbly
19 It's a Small World
21 Grand Prix
26 Ace-high
28 Hot Line
34 Elevon
37 The Aces are Gone
41 The Brat Pack
43 B.S. Control
45 Twist and Shout
46 Twist amd Scram